Neke (ex_neke) wrote in basic_icontest,

The Mods...

The new mods are:
* exit_eternity
* cosmicfish
* smeddley

* The rota is:
- exit_eternity
- cosmicfish
- smeddley
- neke

* Challenge, reminder, voting, winners and banners. Schedule is in the user info.

* The co-mods only have posting access and will be allowed to enter the challenges made by other mods. (I will not be entering any challenges.)
If there is a LIMS, they will also be allowed to enter their own challenge as long as they're still in the LIMS and then they may only enter the one icon for the LIMS.

* Mods will be responsible for the banners for the challenges they've run, which basically means that I don't care who makes them as long as they're done, look good and people are not sent to custom_banners or cb_overflow. I'll of course help out with the banners if need be.

* You might have noticed the other maintainer of this community, kalijean, if something happens, I disappear for whatever reason, you need to contact her. (I'm not planning on anything, this is just a precaution.)

Thank you all for helping out. :)
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