Peter, is your social worker in that horse? (naginis) wrote in basic_icontest,
Peter, is your social worker in that horse?

Challenge 95 - Sweets & Oranges

[x] General rules.
[x] You may enter up to three[3] icons.
[x] You may only use the provided bases, you may blend them.
[x] Submit your icon(s) in a comment on this post, you do not have to post the url, only the icons themselves are fine.
[x] Please try to post all your icons in one post.
[x] The comments will be screened.

Since rubyna (the former mod of this community), liked to do something diffrent every 5th challenge, I'm gonna try to do that aswell. So, this time I'm gonna give you two themes, you can choose whichever of the bases I've provided you want, but all of the icons will go in the same challenge. If you have any questons (no questons are stupid), just ask.

First theme - sweets.

Second theme - oranges.

Entries: 52

Deadline: Friday, January 30th, 8.00pm/20.00 +1 GMT
Tags: !challenges

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