March 27th, 2006

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Hey everyone! Ok I'm back to give you the winners for challenge number two! Alright now we had some ties and for second place...humm four ties for second place to be exact...but since I'm cool like this I'm going to still post them, instead of just putting a first place and Most Cute award...soo anyway here they are.If you would like a banner please let me know! We also had some wonderful entries thank you to everyone that entered!

First will go to:: dodgers_peanut Great job...very pretty!

Seconds will go to::
twizmo :: graphix_addict :: dodgers_peanut :: graphix_addict

Cutest Icon goes to::

Absolutely Wondeful Job Everyone!
The next contest will be posted shortly!

Challenge Three...Stuffed Animals!

Okay, now it's time for Icontest 3! This icontest's theme is Stuffed Animals. I have 20 bases under the cut for you to use, but you may use your own. Your icons are due by Friday March 31. Have fun with this...remember the rules, but if you don't here they are. please follow them!
You may submit up to 6 icons.
You must be a member to enter...just join lol.
Submit your icons in the form of a comment.
In your comment make sure you include the icon and the icons URL.
Have your icons in on time.
Be creative...Have funn!

Bases under cut.

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