May 21st, 2007


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kismet_iconsThe Community: kismet_icontest
The Type: Stillness, Random Themes
The Information: "Icons may be about anything. Each week will have a different theme. I've constructed a slightly different schedule (day-wise) so that it doesn't end the same day that 90% of other contests to make things easier (I hope). Banners will be awarded when the winners are announced so there's no waiting. This is mostly a stillness community. Once and a while there might be an animated challenge, but for the most part stillness will be the way to go. Not everyone can do animation, and I don't think the play field is fair when you set animated icons against still icons. Join to participate, watch or vote!"
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35 beautiful icons this week!

* Vote for 3 icons, in order of preference and for Best Text and Best Colouring.
* Please vote for different icons in each category. NO REPETITION! If you vote for the same icon, your vote will not count. It doesn't matter that it's different categories, we have enough icons that you can pick different ones for each category.
* Do not vote for yourself and do not tell your friends (or anybody else) to vote for you.

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Voting Ends: Wednesday, May 23, 6:00pm EST.

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