May 24th, 2007

kpop - bts - vhope

Everybody Please Read!


* Please vote for different icons in each category. NO REPETITION! - A new rule that I added a couple weeks ago because of a rise in participation. I always Bold or Underline new rules so that they're not missed. But some people still miss them! I don't know how someone misses something capitalized and underlined and bolded unless they're just not paying attention at all. That is NOT acceptable. If you don't understand something, please ask! I'll be happy to answer any/all of your question.

YOU NEED TO READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU VOTE. Don't just ignore them! When I say your votes won't be counted, I'm serious. If you think the mods don't check this stuff, WE DO!

The following people DID NOT read the rules and their voted will NOT be counted:


I've already postponed the voting and that's why you're not getting a chance to change your votes. PLEASE REMEMBER THE NEXT TIME YOU VOTE.
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