March 7th, 2009

The X-Files - Scully

Challenge 101 - Yellow

[x] General rules.
[x] You may enter up to three(3) icons.
[x] You may only use the provided bases, you may blend them.
[x] Submit your icon(s) in a comment on this post, you do not have to post the url, only the icons themselves are fine.
[x] Please try to keep all your entries in one comment.
[x] The comments will be screened.

Thought we'd have a color challenge again! This time, it's yellow (:
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The X-Files - Scully

Mod post

For the ones of your who still don't know about this, please read what's coming next. This is important and everyone should be aware of this dangerous situation.

Apparently there is a bit of nasty Malware Virus spreading through the social networking sites...including LiveJournal (of course). It targets communities, generating a mod-ish looking post informing the membership that the community is being closed, and then deletes all the community's entries. The post includes a couple of links which, when clicked, will infect the clickee, compromising their personal info as well as their f-list. Good times! [NOT!]

So...please be aware that THIS COMMUNITY IS NOT CLOSING. If you see such a post, do NOT click any of the internal links. Please DO report the post to LJSupport by clicking the red flag icon or the "flag" link, depending upon your viewing option. This warning is site-wide, so please keep this in mind if you encounter strange so-called administrative messages on other communities of which you are a part.

This community is not closing, so if you see anything like this in this or any other communities, don't click any of the given links, you'll be preventing your computer of suffering serious damages.

Grabbed from aube_des_arts