acolorfulguy (neke) wrote in basic_icontest,

Challenge 140

Night and day cityscapes this time. :)

[x] You may only use the provided bases
[x] You may enter up to three(3) free-for-all icons
[x] You may enter one(1) extra icon for the theme: Night and Day
(You can blend two bases, play with a base to change it from night to day or the other way around, add text that reflects the opposites of night and day, etc.)
[x] When it comes to voting the special categories will be Most Creative and Best Night & Day
[x] Submit your icon(s) in a comment on this post with the image and url
[x] Deadline for entries is Tuesday, May 31 (18.00 CET) - Countdown

Entries: 29/8

(Bases by me, images from Getty.)

Posting this one day early because of my work schedule.
24 hours left to enter: Challenge 139
Tags: !challenges, challenge 140 - cityscapes

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