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Banners - 266-271

Got a new server space, to start moving away from Photobucket (all old banners will be uploaded there, as well). Apologies for the delay <3

Congratulations to alwaysashipper, vowrawn, and larmay

Congratulations to alwaysashipper, alexia_drake, and sandy79

Congratulations to alwaysashipper and alexia_drake

Congratulations to alexia_drake, alwaysashipper, and midnightisclose

Congratulations to alexia_drake and alwaysashipper

Congratulations to alexia_drake, creative_candy, blossombunny, and alwaysashipper

Please let me know if there are any mistakes and I'll get them fixed ASAP!
Tags: !banners, challenge 266 - sunsets, challenge 267 - koalas, challenge 268 - lemonade, challenge 269 - vintage letters, challenge 270 - greenhouses, challenge 271 - furry halloween

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