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Banners - 291-298

My sincerest apologies for the delay, all. The latter half of 2018 was not kind to me, and it killed most of my oomph to do anything, real-world and online-... I wish the best to all of you, for 2019 ♥

Congratulations to magicrubbish, alwaysashipper, luppiters, kidcrochet, and stepinsidelove

Congratulations to kidcrochet, alwaysashipper, leesa_perrie, stepinsidelove, and luppiters

Congratulations to alwaysashipper, alexia_drake, and leesa_perrie

Congratulations to kidcrochet, alwaysashipper, stepinsidelove, and leesa_perrie

Congratulations to blossombunny, alexia_drake, littlemermaid, and emmatheslayer

Congratulations to stepinsidelove, kidcrochet, leesa_perrie, and alwaysashipper

Congratulations to alexia_drake, alwaysashipper, and leesa_perrie

Congratulations to leesa_perrie, alexia_drake, and littlemermaid

Please let me know if there are any mistakes and I'll get them fixed ASAP!
Tags: !banners, challenge 291 - goldfish, challenge 292 - sushi, challenge 293 - old radios, challenge 294 - european cities, challenge 295 - halloween, challenge 296 - pizza, challenge 297 - quill, challenge 298 - christmas lights

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