miss_maryl (miss_maryl) wrote in basic_icontest,

Icontest # 2

Alright everyone it's time for the second icontest! Ok this weeks theme is Puppies ! I have around 20 bases provided, so there probably won't be a need to find your own, but ofcourse if you want to gather your own go right ahead! Now the rules and regulations for the second contest.
You must be a member to enter.
Your icons are due by March 17.
You may submit up to 6 icons..on the count that I provided 20 bases.
Make sure your icons are of livejournal standards..100x100 or 40k.
Submit your icons in the form of a comment.
Make sure you include the icon and the icon's URL.
Most of all have fun and be creative!
Bases are under cut.


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