miss_maryl (miss_maryl) wrote in basic_icontest,

Voting time..please read =)

Ok I'm sorry I'm two days late, but really we needed more entries..Anyway we got them, but not as good of a turn out as last week(half). The icons are still wondeful though! Fantastic actually =) Well we have around 14 icons so now it's time to vote!! YAY rite? Make sure you read the rules they have changed alittle since last time we voted! Icons are under cut.
Vote for your one favorite icon. The one you like the most.
Vote in the form of a comment.
You don't have to be a member to vote, but since your here...
Don't vote for yourself.
ALSO IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A THEME FOR THE NEXT ICONTEST. PLEASE INCLUDE IT IN YOUR VOTE. You may suggest one or more than one. I don't care. Mainly I just want to see what y'all would be interested in.

Thanks everyone!♥

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