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-Link to general rules
- You may enter 5 icons.
- You may use the given pictures or a picture of your own!
(I encourage you to use the picture(s) in the most creative way possible.)
- Submit your icon(s) with the URL in a comment on this post . The comments will be screened.
- Please try to keep all your entries in one comment.
- Keep all icons anonymous until the contest is over.
- Your icons must meet the LJ Userpic requirements!

CHALLENGE 61 - Green

Well, I'm feeling very green right now aren't I? The week before trees and now the whole theme is green! This week's challenge is very simple. Make sure the dominant colour in your icons is green. It's okay to have some other colours in there but don't make it too colourful, green should be the focus. Your icon(s) can be of anything you want (just make sure it's G-rated).

Deadline: Monday, September 24, 8:00pm EST.
The World Clock

# of Entries: 22
Tags: !challenges

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