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Before I can post the winners for Challenge 64: Autumn, I need the following people to VOTE AGAIN by 12:00 p.m. (noon) tomorrow, October 31:

boulette_sud - vote for Best Color is a repeat
druginyou - vote for Best Seasonal icon is a repeat
beam_oflight - vote for Best Color is a repeat
nunkii - your vote is incomplete, as you only entered one icon in the first poll entry, rather than three in the order you would place them

CLICK HERE or the link above to vote again. If you do not correct your votes, they will be disqualified!

This also means that if anyone reading this hasn't had a chance to vote yet, please do! It really does make a difference to have as many votes as possible, and to have each vote be done correctly--just one vote can determine which icons win or not.

Thank you for bearing with me; I'm still getting the hang of making sure the voting polls are done fairly and correctly, and I'd rather be cautious than quick when the vote is so close like it is this time. Math isn't one of my stronger subjects, let alone even simple arithmetic (and I have a college education, yikes!) so even if I start tallying votes on time, it still takes me forever to do it. I apologize for the delay, and will post the results as soon as possible after noon tomorrow. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for a new weekly challenge, voting for Challenge 65: Road Signs, and basic_icontest's second special challenge, all coming soon! While you wait, why don't you suggest a theme for future challenges?

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