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  • Link to general rules.
  • You may enter 5 icons.
  • You may use the given pictures or a picture of your own, as long as it fits the theme (I encourage you to use the picture(s) in the most creative way possible).
  • Submit your icon(s) with the URL in a comment on this post. The comments will be screened.
  • Please try to keep all your entries in one comment.
  • Keep all icons anonymous until the contest is over.
  • Your icons must meet the LJ Userpic requirements!

Challenge 68 - Anne Geddes' Photography

By popular demand, this week's theme is photography by Anne Geddes. Beloved all over the world, her photos depict usually babies and young children with non-traditional settings, such as plants and gardens, in a very creative way. Below are five sample photographs that you may use in your icons; the only requirement is that the photograph(s) have been taken by Anne Geddes. Your icons don't necessarily need to be of just babies, as she also photographs adults and children, often together, in various settings. You will probably need to visit Google (or Google Images) to find links to her photographs; I've also included a couple of links to different (unofficial) galleries of her work below:

Andrea's Anne Geddes Gallery
Katrine's Anne Geddes Page
Wonderful World of Anne Geddes (image links are in the sidebar)
Anne Geddes on Photo Insider (information only; link to her homepage)

Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at  Free Image Hosting at
All photographs copyright Anne Geddes

Deadline: Monday, November 19, 2007, 9:00 p.m. PST.
The World Clock

# of Entries: 10

When you're done submitting icons, be sure to vote for your favorite icon in Challenge 67: Windows, and if you haven't already, create an entry for our layout header challenge!

Thanks for your entries!
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